Lot 132 On Its Way to Wichita, Kansas

Vine Cliff’s submission for Premiere Napa Valley 2018’s final auction will soon be on its way to Kansas. ‘Memories’ was crafted from the highest terraced rows in the L4 block of vines that is behind the winery crush pad. These are the oldest 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Clone 15 vines and were planted in 1994. It was fermented in a 500L French oak puncheon. The smaller thermal mass of the puncheon assures that there is less extraction of the chewier tannins and more of the fine grained, elegant tannins. It also results in a wine that is more aromatically forward at a young age and was why our lot was so enjoyable, even as a barrel sample. In most years, this lot is saved to be a part of our reserve ‘Private Stock’ bottling.

Memories - Lot 132 from Vine Cliff

Memories – Lot 132 from Vine Cliff for Premiere Napa Valley 2018

Per Napa Valley Vintners: ‘Premiere Napa Valley features limited-edition lots – just 60 to 240 bottles of each wine – sold as futures exclusively to retailers, restaurateurs, country clubs and wholesalers who become the sole owners of the wines they purchase. Each wine is made one time only for the Premiere Napa Valley portfolio, never to be replicated. Every bottle is hand-numbered and signed by the winemaker, creating exceptional allure for wine collectors searching for rare Napa Valley additions for their cellars’. Premiere 2018 raised US$4.1 million to support the Napa Valley Vintners mission to promote, protect and enhance Napa Valley. Vine Cliff is honored to have been a part of this great event.