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Our Vineyards

"A semi-circle of inaccessible rocky side-hills, in the canyon in which nestle the buildings, has, by the energy of man, been turned into a useful and picturesque piece of property. Hundreds of tons of rock have been patiently gathered off the hillsides, which now teem with grapevines. Truly does it though the finger of enchantment has been pointed at its frowning, rocky surface, and changed into a thing of beauty and joy forever."
- Description of the estate, 1873


Our hundred acre estate is home to the Sweeney family, and the site of Vine Cliff's winemaking facilities and guest center. Only 25 acres are planted, dominated by the Cabernet Sauvignon for which the Oakville appellation is so renowned.
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Located in the renowned Los Carneros appellation, our 12 acres represent the essential nature of that cool, temperate region and provide all the fruit for our Chardonnays.
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